Our Customer's business has been changing

Their EAM/ERP systems are becoming inflexible to the changes
Their business is getting harder and more dynamic
They have to meet their Customer's expectations
Business Processes are becoming inefficient
Resources are becoming scarcer
They need to focus on their core business
They are being outpaced by their competition
Their systems are stuck in Feature / Function mode
They have slow market introductions and penetration, and
Their IT Departments are spending 70-80% of time and budget just keeping the lights on.

So we decided to do something about it

We decided to disrupt the industry to allow fast-paced Transformation

We researched the world's best ideas and decided on three business Imperatives:
Design and build applications that are Accessible anywhere 
Maximise the Data Insights Value Chain
Adopt a flexible yet secure Data Fabric

The Attributes of this Customer - Focused Innovation are:

Automate processes with our Business Rules Engines and Work Flows
Quicker time to market (Agile Development, Deployment, Adoption)
Provide Data-Driven Decision Making in Real-time
Autonomous computing, Faster and Easier UI/UX
Provide Rapid, Unique business insights
Reduce risk and improve security

We understand:

That Data is the new currency; we need to monetise and manage its velocity
We provide Persona-based interfaces so that Data is just one click away
Innovation is the new Day-Light >> Maximising Speed and Scalability
Enterprise universes are becoming centred around roles

How we work with our Customers

At Diriger, we prefer to work very closely with our Customers; we call this a Customer Camp-out. In essence; we work at the 'coal-face' with our Customers to ensure that full benefit of our solutions is achieved.