At the PM Eleven group, our focus is to deliver to our customers a unique
suite of value-adding productivity solutions for SAP and business-focused
advisory and consulting services. We deliver trusted solutions and services
with integrity and an emphasis on best business practice.

The Michael Carter Group use a connected approach to business to provide
product-to-market strategy, support and sales for specially selected,
innovative, technology-led products that change the lives, safety and
wellbeing of Australians.
We harness the power of science and couple it with strategy to deliver
solutions that match the innovative, game-changing technologies
we work with.

At BIG Consulting, we are committed to help you convert your ideas
into business outcomes. No matter how big or small, we will collaborate
with you to successfully merge your business and technology vision to life.
With our unique approach, profound industry intelligence, we have the right
tools to ensure you achieve you goals.

ABB Ability Ellipse Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a
purpose-built EAM and enterprise resource planning solution that delivers
business outcomes at a sustainable and superior cost of operations and
capital investment. The solution instills best practices and processes
to help you manage assets from day to day and throughout their lifecycle.
The flexible design supports asset-intensive organizations of all sizes,
ranging from the largest and most complex operational environments to
those that areimplementing an asset management strategy for the first time.