BPI Workshop: Establishing a Base Camp

Workshop Methodology & Facilitation via DirigerBPI
Current State Analysis by using DirigerSEE Analytics
Aligned Gap Analysis, Metrics, Strategy & Tactics for new direction
Plans for Stakeholders & Support Teams via DirigerHPO & DirigerSIT
Execution with DirigerSIT controls & Diriger's ChangeFRAME

Quick-Wins: Fast Optimised Positioning & ROI

Prioritised "Next Steps" for fast ROI via DirigerBPI Methodology
Process-based Solutions > Agile Design, Deployment, Adoption
DirigerHUB Integration Platform gets relevant data efficiently & fast
Performance Metrics, Outcomes & Data insights with DirigerSEE
Automated processes with DirigerHUB Business Rules & Work Flow engines
Business support & corrective actions managed with DirigerSIT

Extend Outcomes: Continuous Improvement Applications

Exception-based Automation & Persona-based UI/UX provides low cognitive load for Users
Ensures the right data for situations - Data Driven Decision Making via DirigerHUB analytics
DirigerSIT & DirigerSEE provide intuitative decision support & accelerated action
Your business is now moving with Speed, Relevance & Accuracy within a Secure Data Fabric
Business Rules are being fine tuned with DirigerHUB's Machine Learning capability

Climbing to the Summit & Sustaining the Climb

Partnering with our Customers via our Customer Camp-Out Methodology
Helping Customers continue to improve with Diriger's Consulting-as-a-Service
Continue to challenge Outcomes with DirigerSEE Benchmarks & Analytics
Momentum, Speed, Accuracy, Relevance & Control is improved with DirigerSIT
Capability is continuously enhanced to Customer needs via Diriger's Application Suites

Diriger Technology & Solution Suites:

Diriger's Open Solution Technology:
  • Built on our own DirigerHUB Business Integration Platform (PaaS) Services
  • Collaboration, Routing & Transformation, Development Services
  • Business Application, Real-time Analytics, Unified Data Services
  • Infrastructure Optimisation, Orchestration & Process Automation Services
  • Business Rules Engine, Work Flow & Machine Learning
  • Dashboards, Visualisation Models, Persona-Based UI/UX, Portals
  • All within a Containerised Micro-Service Architecture & Secure, Scalable Data Fabric

One Integration Platform to any Application API's:
  • Other ESB Services
  • EAM, ERP, Best-of-Breed, SCADA, Data Warehouses
  • DirigerHUB full Ellipse integration to any other API Out-Of-The-Box
  • Documents, Drawings, Parts Books, Virtual Plants, BIM
  • Mobile applications, any device, any App
  • End-to-End Business integration accessible anywhere

Solution Capability Suites:
  • Diriger Supply Chain Management Suite:
    • Process Automation for Demands, Procurement, Warehousing, Warranties
    • Process Automation for Accounts Payable, Invoices, Bank Transfer / Reconciliation
  • Diriger Asset Management & Operations Suite:
    • Process Automation for Works Management & Operations,
    • Process Automation for Condition Monitoring & Reliability
  • Diriger High Performance Organisations Suite:
    • Process Automation for Business Situational Analysis (Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions)
    • Business Process Improvement & Data Insights (KPI’s, Benchmarks)
    • Supplier Portals & Customer Relationship Management