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Find your new Direction with Diriger

Our Enabling Platforms provide measurable successful outcomes through the use of and expertise in

Business Process Automation and Operational Technology Improvements

Digital Transformations for Finance, Asset and Supply Chain Management, Operations

Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence

Data Modelling, Business Rule and Workflow Engineering

The cornerstone of our business is in our name Diriger, a French word with a broad number of meanings

to direct, run, supervise, oversee, steer, aim, go towards

Diriger Borrowed from Latin dīrigō, dīrigere (‘to direct’), simplified into a first conjugation French verb

About Diriger

An Industry 4.0 Solution Services Provider using smart technology with our Business Process Automation approach, knowledge and expertise in ERP and EAM systems including Ellipse, IFS, Maximo, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

Diriger’s genesis has been around building new innovative solutions for various Asset Intensive Industries; these solutions needed to not only integrate with existing ERP/EAM/CMMS technologies, but automate processes for cohesive levels of interoperability across multiple legacy systems and functional business silos. In order to maximise the outcomes of this need; Diriger developed its own modern interoperability Platform (DirigerHUB) and hence, furthered our interest and involvement in the Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem (OIIE). DirigerHUB is the foundational platform for all our application development and deployment outcomes.

The cornerstone of our business is the future proofed technologies and expertise with significant global experience in Asset Heavy industries including Government and Defence, Education, Health, Insurance, Utilities, Mining, Oil and Gas.

Our Customers gain greatly from our efficient, effective, low-risk solutions, our knowledge sharing and way of doing business to produce an outcome focused result. Within today’s business environment where more is expected for less, we take your current business approaches, add significantly to the outcomes via a business enablement approach and work-with you for sustainability and long-term success.

Diriger’s Enabling Platforms make use of the latest technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Highly scalable and accessible cloud deployments

  • Micro Services and Containerisation

  • PWA (Progressive Web Applications) for mobile and offline capability

  • Our own Integration, Business Rule and Workflow platform technology

  • Design Thinking approach to Persona and Process based low cognitive load UI/UX (User Interface and Experience)

Our Consulting and Advisory Services incorporates

  • High Performance Organisation focus

  • Specialist Business knowledge in Ellipse, IFS, Maximo, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP

  • Business Domain knowledge and solutions

    • Automation of the enterprise and IT/OT convergence

    • Supply Chain including demand, inventory and warehousing management; procurement, contracts, supplier and customer engagement, expediting through to payment approval

    • Finance from chart of accounts to project and work order costing, Accounts Receivable and Payable

    • Asset Master Data Management, Works Management from planning through to execution, Resource and Field Services

  • Ellipse Upgrades, Ellipse Configuration, Ellipse Enhancements and Customisation, Ellipse Expertise and utilisation expansion

Diriger works with our Customers to solve complex business problems

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