Our Suite of SaaS Solutions

Our Business Process Improvement focus

  • Supply Chain

  • Asset Management

  • People Management

  • Financial Management

  • Persona-based User Interfaces

  • Work Force Mobility

  • Google-like Searches

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Machine Learning Capabilities

  • Predictive Statistics

  • Data Validation and Visualisation

  • Process Optimisation through automation and artificial intelligence

Technology and Innovation with

  • Problem solving capability

  • Reliable outcomes

  • Customer collaboration

  • Effective and Ethical approaches

  • Integration platforms

Diriger CSE - Customer and Supplier Engagement

Our Business-to-Business Platform capabilities combined with Diriger Business Rules and Work-Flow Engines, Persona-based usage, data management, embedded analytics, graphical visualisation capabilities in a Secure Data Fabric; provides...

Diriger DMA - Demand Management Automation

Our automation of the Demand processes with the Diriger Business Rule and Work Flow Engines, Persona-based usage, data management, and visualisation capabilities, provides a User Experience that...

Diriger HUB - Cloud Interoperability Platform

Diriger’s Real-time automation applications and data visibility models work across multiple platforms, applications, and structures; we do this by using DirigerHUB; a Platform that provides...

Diriger IPA - Invoice Process Automation

Invoice Process Automation - automate the manual processing, eliminate keying errors from your finance teams and increase accuracy...

Diriger ODR - Open Document Reporting

Open Document Reporting has been designed to automate document integration...

Diriger POA - Purchase Order Automation

Purchase Order Automation - Focus on value added activities and automate the creation of purchase orders from validated demands...

Diriger SEE - Access to your Data

Our Real-time automation and visibility of the key transactions that impact your business processes and imperatives, leads you to immediate action points that...

Diriger SIT - Situation Management

Today’s business environment is filled with situations that delay or create sub-optimal outcomes such as...

Diriger TSE - Time Sheets and Expenses

Time sheet and activities capture when it occurs, along with expense claims, requesting or checking a status - speed up the data capture and record it when it happens, upload images and let the Machine Learning Image data recognition save on keying...

Diriger WMA - Warehouse Management Automation

Warehouse Management Automation - automate the operational activities of your warehouse. Remove the manual data entry and increase accuracy...

Diriger WEM - Works Execution Management

Works Execution Management - streamline your asset maintenance activities both for workshop and mobile workers...