Diriger WEM - Works Execution Management

The Problems we solve

Maintenance Planners, Supervisors and Asset Managers can NOT see the status of work in progress and backlog items for re-scheduling until the end of shift or day

Work Order packs contain too much paperwork that needs to be transposed into digital form when completed in the EAM - Enterprise Asset Management or CMMS - Computerised Maintenance Management System e.g. Ellipse, SAP, IFS and Maximo.

No on-the-job online visibility of Asset details, History, Componentry and Parts needed, immediate Defect management, before/after photos, and embedded links to safety data and isolation

Our automation of the Works management processes with the Diriger Business Rules Engine, Persona-based usage, data management, and visualisation capabilities, provides a User Experience that when coupled with a Google-like search; allows all relevant Work Order information to be sourced at one time at your Desk-top or mobile device.

Our Platform

DirigerWEM and MyWork mobile are part of Diriger Asset Management Suite.

What is DirigerWEM and MyWork and their Benefits

DirigerWEM and MyWork Mobile have been designed to completely digitise and automate the business processes that relate to how work is executed within an organisation. Smart Persona-based screens accelerate and make available, the digitisation of standard Feature/Function and paper-based capabilities available in most ERP systems.

The benefits and expected ROI of DirigerWEM and MyWork are

  • Reduction in work schedule re-cycle and the need for paper-based packs

  • Improves productivity through digitisation; no more transposing data

  • Real-Time visibility of all transaction states; % complete and status points

  • Reduction in Work Order backlog through better scheduling and routing

  • Defects are captured at source and photographed for reference

Real time Work Order Status updates to your ERP; SAP, Maximo, IFS, Ellipse or other source systems

Process Overview and Capability

DirigerWEM and MyWork provides

  • Planners work-bench to speed Work Order management (schedule, action, complete, close)

  • Google like search for Planner’s and Manager’s workbench by Work Order, Location, Asset, Crew, Activity, Maintenance Type, Standard Job

  • Multi-Technician execution of geographically dispersed tasks in sequential order e.g. Speeds up isolations and the like

  • Embedded link with DirigerHSE for real-time safety and hazard controls (SLAMs, Permits etc.)

  • On-the-fly Asset and attribute updates (update nameplates and other relevant information in the field)

  • Real-time mobility; running a paperless operation; faster, better quality

  • UI requires less cognitive load and lower training burden

  • Real-time resolution of On-Hold or Suspend status

  • Automated business rules for Work Order close

  • Full off-line mode with MyWork

Example Action screen for my tasks or initiate new work

MyWork Mobile

DirigerWEM MyWork Mobile Login Screen
DirigerWEM MyWork Mobile Home Screen
DirigerWEM MyWork Mobile All My Tasks (Work Orders) Screen
DirigerWEM MyWork Mobile All My Tasks To Do (Work Orders) Screen
DirigerWEM MyWork Mobile My Tasks Detail (Work Orders) Screen
DirigerWEM MyWork Mobile All My Tasks Asset Detail Screen