Our Customer Camp-Out methodology

At Diriger, we understand the dynamics of the business environment in which our Customers operate

Are you impacted by scarce resources, compliance challenges, pressure to do more with less, globalisation, major technology shifts and the need for internal transformation?

Diriger solutions and customer success methodologies are based on guiding our customers though these business challenges. There is always room to improve and become more efficient and we lead our customers to automation.

We take great pride in the inclusiveness, rapport, knowledge sharing and success outcomes for our customers.

Our Customer's business has been changing

Their EAM/ERP systems are becoming inflexible to the changes - Their business is getting harder and more dynamic - They have to meet their Customer's expectations - Business Processes are becoming inefficient - Resources are becoming scarce - They need to focus on their core business - They are being outpaced by their competition - Their systems are stuck in Feature/Function mode - They have slow market introductions and penetration - Their IT Departments are spending 70-80% of time and budget just keeping the lights on.

Key design principles of our solutions

  • Design and build applications that are Accessible anywhere

  • Maximise the Data Insights Value Chain

  • Adopt a flexible yet secure Data Fabric

We use a clear strategy for successful Customer outcomes with an execution framework built on key values and principles

Passion to do things better - Road Maps and Directions - Tools and Training - Experience and Knowledge - Planning and Preparedness - Availability and inclusiveness - Guidance and Stakeholder Collaboration

We provide Persona Based and Data Driven SaaS solutions to orchestrate our customers business processes improvement initiatives, developed by our Business and Technical leaders who have extensive experience across whole value chains.

Critical to the success of our solutions is enabling security, governance, automation, workflows, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and direct entry of business rules for any business process.

Diriger is solutions focused providing services in the form of CaaS or SaaS

We work with a range of Customers and Industries and offer our services in the form of:

CaaS - Consulting as a Service

Bespoke solutions not aligned to Diriger process based solutions - Project Management - Project Support - Business Analysis - Subject Matter Experts or Domain Specialists - Testers and customer UAT testing - General business process support - Training

SaaS - Software as a Service

The core of our services is to provide business process review, design, build, roll-out, change and project management of any business process; and deliver the new and improved automated processes via SaaS, requiring no traditional investment in Information Technology infrastructure or support services.