Innovation and Technology Overview Greg L Towne

We understand

  • The quantum leap from current state ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to Diriger Industry 4.0 Platforms and Capabilities; and the required Change Management

  • Faster, more focused pace of Business and the relevance to AI, Machine Learning and Continuous Improvement

  • How to free up in-house IT teams who are strapped just Keeping the Lights On

  • The provision of business focus and engagement - Know the Business – Know the Experts – Know Solutions needed

  • Mining, Utility, Energy, Transport EAM/ERP/OT (Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Operational Technology) implementation outcomes from experience in various parts of the globe

  • Efficient integration to ancillary systems and ERP’s – and the hard to see Pit-falls and Gotchas in achieving effective processes

  • Agile deployments and mentoring via Diriger’s Implementation Methodologies and Customer Camp-out for Success

Solving the BIG and HARD Problems First

Mission - Transform Businesses with Technology, Innovation and Expertise

It is to NOT just digitise existing business models - We solve the BIG and HARD Problems

Most companies have focused on plugging new technology into old business models e.g. Robotic Process Automation over their existing systems; with the hope of enhancing those models with smarter tools and more data. Making old models work better isn’t enough, not when technologies are enabling all-new, easier models that can render the old ones obsolete quickly.

Diriger is focused on transforming businesses by using technology and innovation to unencumber production (Operations and Maintenance) by working at the process level instead of activity or task; hence, building better business processes, more efficient tactics and work practices so that they directly align with an organisation’s corporate goals, key business drivers, and subsequent strategies and objectives.

We don’t just think outside the box; we often throw the box away and find something far, far better.

Our Values

  • Diversity

  • Inclusivity

  • Integrity

  • Courage

  • Compassion

  • Respect and Politeness

  • Honesty and Sincerity

  • Honour

  • Loyalty and Duty

  • Character and Self-control

  • Working-With for Success

Industry 4.0 Insight: Current State v Quaternary Next-Generation

Current - Business Stagnation

  • Keeping the lights On
    Businesses spend 70-80% of time and systems budget just maintaining current systems

  • New business is getting difficult and is more dynamic

  • Old Feature and Function ERP Systems and Approaches

  • Slow market introductions and penetration

  • Not meeting Customer expectations

  • Inefficient business processes

  • Not focused on core business

  • Business is getting complex

  • Outpaced by Competition

  • Waiting months for data

  • Scarce Resources

  • Inflexible solutions

Next-Gen - Transformation

  • Three Business Imperatives

    • Maximise Data Insights

    • Implement a Secure Data Fabric

    • Data Accessible Anywhere

  • Quicker time to market

  • Autonomous computing

  • Faster and Easier UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience)

  • Rapid, unique business insights

  • Reduce risk and improve security

  • Mobile via Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

  • Data Driven Decision Making in Real-Time

  • Innovation in day-light (maximise speed and scalability)

  • Data is the new Currency; we need to monetise and manage its velocity

  • Enterprise universes are becoming centred around roles (Persona-based computing)

Focused on Outcomes and ROI - Changing Current Ceilings

Industry 4.0 Direction - Journey Toward IT and OT Convergence

Whole Industry 4.0 Value Chain - Data and Analytics Drive Improvement

Next Generation Platform - Business to Business Integration

Applying Innovation - Example Artificial Intelligence approach

Integrated Information and Operation Technology Governance - Multi-level Asset Master Data Management

Diriger’s focus on IT/OT Integration and Governance

Deployment Methodology - Quick-Win Return on Investment

Customer Success Support - Our Customer Camp-outs and Mentoring

About the Author...

Greg Towne is a Co-Founder of Diriger with 35+ years of experience implementing Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and Business Process Improvement Initiatives in Mining, Utilities, Energy and Defence industries. He is dedicated to working closely with our Customer’s in order to help them solve the BIG problems that have been in play for far too many years.