Diriger SIT - Situation Management

The Problems we solve

  • Today’s business environment is filled with situations that delay or create sub-optimal outcomes such as

  • Use of short-cuts and risks due to Business pressures and restrictive timeliness

  • Managers and Teams are continually being blind-sided by situations (other initiatives) that impact on what they are doing

  • Information flows that are not fluid, are slow and not providing the full picture due to time impacts

  • No one fully knowing the current status of items; what decisions have been made and by whom; or what the impacts are down stream

  • Extensive and repeated time spent on weekly status reporting and proposing actions too late to be fully effective

  • A trending Risk turns into a major Issue; hence fighting a fire instead of installing a smoke detector

  • Disparate inputs make it difficult to establish an axiomatic system (postulates and subsequent corrective actions) until we systematise regular events, namely building a knowledge base

Diriger’s Approach to Situation Management

Our DirigerSIT Real-time Situation Management and Automation coupled with added visibility of the key transactions that impact your business processes and imperatives, leads you to immediate action points that

  • Help focus corrective actions, bench marking and continued monitoring at multiple levels and linked sub-situational items (Parent and Child relationships), increases response velocity

  • Provides a capability for detailed transaction analysis, RCA (Root Cause Analysis), Five whys or other iterative and knowledge-based techniques that may lead to further guided heuristics for Past, Present, Future decision criteria in addition to cause and effect relationships. This is especially useful for anticipating trends and risks that would otherwise go unseen.

  • Provides escalation processes aligned to corporate structures, strategies, business objectives and execution tactics

  • Uses the familiar Risk, Action, Issue, Decision (RAID) situation categories that may be classified further using several situational attributes such as Business Domain, Function, Project Stage, Impact Type, Situation Type, Status, Criticality, and standard ISO 31000 risk profiles

  • Facilitates cross-functional impacts and ideation e.g. a problem in the supply chain can easily be shared and articulated with other dependant bodies

  • Ensures that transactions are completed in accordance with prescribed workflow, criticality and business rules whilst building data quality, better state recognition and accuracy in real-time

DirigerSIT and its Benefits

DirigerSIT has been designed to make finding relevant data, key information, related situations, issue status points, risk trends, benchmarks and statistics EASY and FAST

The benefits and expected ROI of DirigerSIT are

  • A secured User Interface provides immediate access to data relevant to an individual’s business domain and related business imperatives

  • Visibility through Dashboards and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) of all data to improve management, control and corrective actions

  • Create pre-set status reports that execute or escalate on real-time data e.g. Project stages, status or Work Order completion and filtering

  • AI and Machine Learning processes reduce reliance on manual prognostics for critical situations

  • User Data Replication capability to reduce admin overheads – ensures greater User buy-in to adoption and usage

  • Shows data anomalies and quality gaps in real-time to ensure situations are appropriately articulated; provides for immediate or suggested corrective actions

  • Provides Quick filters, hierarchies, drill downs and Google-like search

  • Real time dynamic business KPI's and Benchmarks

Supported by Diriger’s Business Interoperability Platform

DirigerSIT Situation Management model is part of Diriger’s Business Productivity Suite for High Performance Organisations

Process Overview and Capability

DirigerSIT provides

  • Operation as a Separate Stand-alone Solution or from within any of the other Diriger Solutions; upon which, it uses the current Solution’s status, credentials and salient attributes when documenting the situation

  • Personalised information; detailed data visible to decision-makers in seconds

  • Procedure-based interaction with extremely low training burden (agile adoption)

  • Simplified analytics; making data dissemination easier, faster and relevant

  • Ease of use - uses Graphical User-based filters and tables to provide fast, easy access to the right data

  • Reduced data collection activity through AI and Machine Learning capabilities that scan and read relevant documents and load data immediately through business rules and workflow automation

  • Deliver succinct information to a single screen or mobile device

  • Rapidly search data using a Google-like User interface

  • Support standard corporate business rules

  • Multi-tenant cloud based deployment

  • Reduced cognitive load through simple and intuitive design of process focused UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience)

  • Data Export to any format