Diriger POA - Purchase Order Automation

The Problems we solve

Procurement cycle times are too long and impact Demand Service Levels

Data accuracy and lack of standardisation reduces productivity

Reconciling mismatches - too many, too costly, too inefficient

Our automation of the purchasing processes with the Diriger Business Rules Engine provides a capability that

  • Automates more than 70% of your Purchase Orders (Hands free)

  • Exceptions resolved through focused Officer UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) intervention

  • Transactions completed in accordance with prescribed workflow and business rules; Process accuracy reduces mismatches to zero

Part of Our Suite of automated solutions

DirigerPOA is part of the Diriger automation suite of solutions and can stand-alone or integrate to any system.

Diriger Purchase Order Automation and its Benefits

Our DirigerPOA solution has been designed to automate the business processes that relate to Purchasing and Stock Replenishment

The benefits and expected ROI of DirigerPOA are

  • Through the use of a configurable Business Rule and Work Flow Engines creates an acceleration of the standard Feature and Function capabilities available in most ERP systems by more than 70%

  • Reduction in expediting; based on improved accuracy in defining lead times and delivery

  • Visibility of all historical (including cancelled/deleted) purchases to improve material management

  • Precursor to introducing AI into the procurement function; which is not possible without clean data

  • Fine grained control over thresholds for quoting and contracts

  • Significant reduction in data entry/clerical type activities

  • When used with DirigerDMA; it provides an even greater impact

  • Realtime dynamic business KPI’s and Benchmarks

Process Overview and Capability

DirigerPOA provides

  • Personalised information; detailed data visible to decision-makers in seconds (agile deployment)

  • Procedure-based interaction with extremely low training burden (agile adoption)

  • Simplifies analytics; making data dissemination easier, faster and more relevant

  • Makes it easy for Users - using Graphical User-based filters and tables to provide fast, easy access to the right data

  • Reduces data collection activity; more Relevant and Accurate

  • Rapidly search data using a Google-like capability

  • Deliver succinct information to a single screen

  • Support standard corporate business rules

  • Procedural based processes with extremely low training burden and cognitive load (agile adoption)

+70% Business Process Improvement

Example Statistics screen for real time KPI's

Example Invoice Exception Management based on customer business rules