Diriger WMA - Warehouse Management Automation

The Problems we solve

Work Order Demand Stock-outs despite escalating Inventory Holdings

Lack of efficiencies around Manifests, Warehouse Issuing and Acquittals

No visibility of SKU demand levels; their fit, form and function in relation to Assets, Work Orders, Standard Jobs and obsolescence

Our automation of the Warehouse processes with the Diriger Business Rules Engine, Persona-based usage, data management, and visualisation capabilities, provides a User Experience that when coupled with a Google-like search; allows all relevant Warehouse and Inventory information to be sourced at one time.

Part of Our Suite of automated solutions

DirigerWMA is part of the Diriger automation suite of solutions and can stand-alone or integrate to any system.

Diriger Warehouse Automation and its Benefits

Our DirigerWMA solution has been designed to automate the business processes that relate to Warehouse and Inventory Management. It uses a configurable Business Rules Engine and Smart Persona-based screens to accelerate the standard Feature/Function capabilities available in most ERP systems.

The benefits and expected ROI of DirigerWMA are

  • Reduction in Receipting and Acquittal processing time by more than 50%

  • Inventory Holdings dramatically reduced without putting demands at risk

  • DirigerDMA and DirigerPPA provides an even greater supply chain impact

  • Visibility of all historical transactions and Master Data shortfalls

  • Receipt and Invoice mismatches against Purchase Orders avoided

  • Reduction in Work Order backlog due to Stock-outs

  • Real-time dynamic business KPI’s

50+% Reduction in Processing Time

Process Overview and Capability

DirigerWMA provides

  • Personalised information that makes it EASY for Users; Graphical User-based filters and tables to provide fast, easy access to the right data (agile deployment)

  • Flexibly manage Repairable Items in accordance with your organisation’s business rules e.g. for criticality and warranty-based repairables.

  • Proceduralise processes with extremely low training burden (agile adoption)

  • Support standard corporate business rules and automation of Replenishment Strategies

  • Simplify analytics making data dissemination easier, faster and relevant

  • Reduce data collection activity; more Relevant and Accurate

  • Rapidly search data using a Google-like User interface

  • Deliver succinct information to a single screen

  • Reduced cognitive load through simple and intuitive design of process focused UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience)

Example Action screen for inbound goods with Google Style search

Example SKU management on a single screen