Diriger - Enterprise Expense Claims

The Problems we solve

Customers require a modern, easy-to-use, and interoperable Enterprise Expense Claim Management solution to meet the needs of their compliance and regulatory obligations. Key requirements include the need for both online and off-line usage and administration, have a user-friendly mobile UI/UX, be cloud-hosted, and fully integrated with their ERP system of record to ensure data integrity and governance.

Current expense claim submission processes are primarily manual, are time-consuming, place an administration burden on staff, and are dependent on the individual claimant to have a detailed understanding of the organisation's expense claim policies and procedures. There are regular omissions of data and information due to a lack of understanding of the salient policies, regulations, and tax requirements; hence manual processes often result in too many iterations and delayed payments. 

The accompanying documentation needed to support these claims is often incorrect or missing, resulting in further delayed processing.

All the above situations lead to a strong reliance on an already overextended Accounts Team to ensure that correct, readable, and accessible receipts and accompanying documentation are lodged in a timely manner and that the claims meet the organisation’s policies and tax eligibility requirements.

Our automation of the Expense Claims processes utilises 

Which provides a User Experience that when coupled with a Google-like search and seamless Progressive Web Apps; allows all relevant Expense Claim Request information to be sourced at one time via your desktop or on your mobile device.

Part of Our Suite of Supply Chain solutions

Diriger Enterprise Expense Claims is part of Diriger’s automated suite of Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions and can operate stand-alone if required.

Diriger Enterprise Expense Claims and its Benefits

Our Diriger Enterprise Expense Claims solution has been designed to automate and make less cumbersome, the business processes that relate to employee Expense Claims for Goods and Services within an organisation. 

We provide a configurable Business Rules Engine and Smart Persona-based screens to accelerate and make the complete Expense Claim process much more ‘available’.

The benefits and expected ROI for Diriger Enterprise Expense Claims are:

Process Overview and Capability

Diriger Enterprise Expense Claims provides:

Variable Expense Claim types to Business Rules may include:

'Mobile First' Design and Offline Experience

Example Dashboard and Controls

Variable Expense Claim Types to Business Rules

Business Travel International with Travel Diary

Travel Allowance

Search and Status Capability

Built-In Policy

Desktop Editing Facility