Diriger SEE - Access to your Data

The Problems we solve

Monitoring and Control of Key Performance Indicators and other Key Result Areas that are too static

Transaction causes to our business issues take too long to find

Difficulty maintaining Ownership of key activities within key business processes and imperatives

Unsure of the state and quality of Data Integrity e.g. completeness

Our Real-time automation and visibility of the key transactions that impact your business processes and imperatives, leads you to immediate action points that

  • Help focus corrective actions, bench marking and continued monitoring

  • Provide a capability for further detailed analysis (RCA - Root Cause Analysis, etc)

  • Ensures that transactions are completed in accordance with prescribed workflow and business rules whilst building data quality and accuracy

Part of Our Suite of automated solutions

DirigerSEE (Data Management and Visualisation) is part of Diriger’s Business Integration Platform and provides standard views of your data

DirigerSEE and its Benefits

DirigerSEE has been designed to make finding relevant data, key information, benchmarks and statistics EASY and FAST

The benefits and expected ROI of DirigerSEE are

  • A secured User Interface provides immediate access to data relevant to an individual’s business domain and related business imperatives

  • Visibility through Dashboards and KPI’s of all data to improve demand management

  • Create pre-set status reports that execute on real-time data e.g. Bank reconciliations, journaling, exceptions

  • Show data anomalies and quality gaps in real-time; provides for immediate corrective actions

  • Provides Quick filters, hierarchies, drill-downs and Google-like search capabilities

  • Analyse a problem area (Route Cause Analysis) in seconds

  • Realtime dynamic business KPI’s and Benchmarks

Process Overview and Capability

DirigerSEE provides

  • Personalised information; detailed data visible to decision-makers in seconds (agile deployment)

  • Procedure based interaction with extremely low training burden (agile adoption)

  • Simplify analytics making data dissemination easier, faster and relevant

  • Make it easier for Users - using Graphical User-based filters and tables to provide fast, easy access to the right data e.g. quick, fast Sankey diagrams

  • Reduce data collection activity; more Relevant and Accurate

  • Rapidly search data using a Google-like User interface

  • Deliver succinct information to a single screen

  • Support standard corporate business rules

  • Reduced cognitive load through simple and intuitive design of process focused UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience)

Data Driven Decision Making and Data Quality Health Checks

Example KPI’s, Reports and Sankey Diagrams that focus on critical business imperatives and provide direct filtering to data visualisation tables