Diriger DMA - Demand Management Automation

The Problems we solve

Exposing data from systems through modern accessible API’s (Application Programming Interface)

The need to get business data from several places in Real-Time and ensure it is VALID; especially data we need for collaboration

We need a better foundation for our Data Insights Value Chain - which is core to our business imperatives

We need our data to be EASY to access yet SECURE; FAST to retrieve; and be RELEVANT to what we need to use it for

Why does technology always seem to be an issue when we need data URGENTLY

Our Real-time automation applications and data visibility models work across multiple platforms, applications and structures; we do this by using DirigerHUB; our Business Data Interoperability Platform

  • Connects multiple systems e.g. multiple ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planning system), COTS and bespoke applications

  • Is middle-ware that knows about business data requirements

  • Ensures that transactions are completed in accordance with prescribed security, workflow and business rules whilst building data accuracy

DirigerDMA is part of the Diriger Supply Chain Automation Suite of solutions and can stand-alone or integrate to any system.

Diriger Demand Management Automation and its Benefits

Our DirigerDMA solution and MyParts Mobile have been designed to automate the business processes that relate to demands for Goods and Services within an organisation. They use a configurable Business Rules Engine and Smart Persona-based screens to accelerate and make more available, the standard Feature or Function capabilities available in most ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems

The benefits and expected ROI of DirigerDMA are

  • Reduction in requisition processing time by more than 50%

  • Significantly improves Service Levels and Authorisation efficiencies

  • Coupled with other Diriger products provides even greater business impact

  • Visibility of all transaction states; Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Work Orders

  • Non-Order Invoices eliminated through Easier, faster usage capability

  • Reduction in Work Order backlog due to Stock-outs

  • Realtime dynamic business KPI’s and Graphics

Process Overview and Capability

DirigerDMA provides

  • Personalised information that makes it EASY for Users; Graphical User-based filters and tables to provide fast, easy access to the right data (agile deployment)

  • Provides information on any Demand Request to Users in the field

  • Procedural foundation processes with extremely low training burden (agile and intuitive usage and adoption)

  • Attachment of documents to a Request for routing to Approvers, Planners and Purchasing Officers

  • Supports standard corporate business rules and automation of Approvals

  • Simplified analytics making data dissemination easier, faster and relevant

  • Reduces data collection activity; more Relevant and Accurate data

  • Defaults User costing and access details for My Requisitions

  • Rapidly search data using a Google-like User interface

  • Deliver succinct information to a single screen

  • Reduced cognitive load through simple and intuitive design of process focused UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience)

Example Dashboard and Controls

Example Statistics screen for real time KPI's

Example Demand management and KPI’s within Easy User access