Diriger CSE - Customer and Supplier Engagement

The Problems we solve

Ineffective manual and slow Supplier data management and updates

Constant chasing up Suppliers and Customers for key data - Insurances, Certificates, Compliance's, Specifications and other document updates

Constant Supplier enquiries due to lack of visibility of current Purchase Order and Invoice status

Manual and time-consuming invoice vetting and corrective actions

Complex and lengthy delays in the approval and informational processes

General lack of relationship engagement in times when it is needed most

Our Business-to-Business Platform capabilities combined with Diriger Business Rules and Work-Flow Engines, Persona-based usage, data management, embedded analytics, graphical visualisation capabilities in a Secure Data Fabric; provides a User Experience that when coupled with a Google-like search capability; allows all relevant Customer and Supplier information and supporting documents to be accessed, classified and approved at one time at your desk-top or mobile device.

Part of Our Suite of automated solutions

DirigerCSE Customer and Supplier Engagement is part of the Diriger automation suite of solutions and can stand-alone or integrate to any system. 

Collaboration, Engagement and Benefits

Our DirigerCSE solution has been designed to optimise collaboration between the business processes that relate to Customer and Supplier Engagements in and across organisations.  DirigerCSE uses a configurable Business Rules Engine, customisable Work-Flows, and Smart Persona-based screens to accelerate and make available; capability that is an Order of Magnitude superior to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system processing and other means of collaborative integration 

The benefits and expected ROI of DirigerCSE are collaboratively driven and provide

Process Overview and Capability

DirigerCSE provides

Example Dashboard and Controls

Example access to Self Service access to Supplier data

Example Access to data by the Supplier