Diriger's Enterprise Expense Claim Management

...by Mark La Cava

Diriger’s Enterprise Expense Claim Solution

The Complex Policies, Remote Locations, and ERP Integrations were easily accounted for!!

A Case Study on how Diriger’s Enterprise Expense Claims (EES) solution was implemented at Australia’s most historical energy generation corporation and was able to cater for standard Government Business Enterprise (GBE) level policies, financial standards, and employee agreements.

The Customer

Our customer is a large Government owned Corporation that provides significant energy generation capability to Australia’s National Grid. Its employees are located in various large cities, regional centres, and some rather remote locations.

The Customer is obligated to ensure it not only meets standard business practices, financial policies, and efficient procedures; it is obligated to meet the requirements of employee agreements that may vary from time to time.

The Situational Problem that presented

Our customer required a modern, easy-to-use, and interoperable Enterprise Expense Claim Management solution to meet the needs of its compliance and regulatory obligations. Key requirements included the need for both online and off-line usage and administration, have a user friendly mobile UI/UX, be cloud hosted, and fully integrated with their ERP system of record to ensure data integrity and governance.

The current expense claim submission process was primarily manual and was dependent on the individual claimant to have a detailed understanding of the organisation's expense claim policies and procedures. There were regular omissions of data and information due to lack of understanding of the salient policies, regulations and ATO requirements; hence manual processes often resulted in too many iterations and delayed payments. 

The accompanying documentation needed to support these claims was often incorrect or missing, resulting in further delayed processing.

All the above situations led to a strong reliance on an already overextended Accounts Team to ensure that correct, readable, and accessible receipts and accompanying documentation are lodged in a timely manner and that the claims met the organisation’s policies and tax eligibility requirements.

The Opportunity for Improvement

The opportunity was to improve the user experience and expense claim processes across all levels of the organisation by implementing a robust, yet flexible enterprise level Expense Claim Management solution that integrates with designated approval delegations and reimbursement processing. 

Key objectives were:

The Framework for Delivery

Enterprise Expense Claim Management processes are essential components of financial management within organisations. These processes ensure that employees are reimbursed for business-related expenses they incur while performing their duties. An effective expense claims process helps control costs, maintain accurate financial records, and ensures compliance with company policies and relevant regulations

The key steps typically involved in an expense claims process are:

Following these steps and leveraging technology such as Diriger's Enterprise Expense Claim Management, organisations can establish efficient and transparent expense claims processes that contribute to financial accountability and compliance.

Diriger's Enterprise Expense Claim Management in a Secure Data Fabric

Diriger deployed Diriger's Enterprise Expense Claim Management in a scalable, cloud hosted, integrated system for Expense Claims capture, approval and reimbursement in a Secure Data Fabric.

Diriger’s Mobile First Development and Deployment

Diriger deployed Diriger's Enterprise Expense Claim Management mobile using the latest modern Material Design and Offline experience.