Customer Success for Delegations of Authority Hierarchies Mark La Cava

Deliver Seamless and Scalable Delegation of Authority with Auditable Approvals and Controls

Many organisations are worried about having adequate (Auditable) controls over their Delegation of Authority and related Approval processes. Without the right level of automation and visibility organisations may be exposed via a breach of financial authority such as bribery or other corruption.

Delegation of Authority (DOA) is a division of authority and segregation of duties approach to better, accountability and responsibility among multiple positions in an organisation.  Delegation of Financial Authority (DOFA) is concerned with financial affairs and the use in authorising financial transactions.

DirigerEPA is specifically designed to help organisations

The Customer

Our customer required a modern, easy-to-use and interoperable DOA and DOFA solution to meet the needs of its compliance and regulatory obligations. Key requirements included the need for stand-alone operation and administration, user friendly UI/UX, be cloud hosted and fully integrated with their ERP to ensure data integrity and governance.

Due to the nature of their operational OPEX and capital CAPEX projects, different financial approval levels were required depending on the position and situation – this was difficult and cumbersome to establish and maintain in their ERP. The customer needed to control costs by preventing activities that committed costs to projects without the appropriate financial approval and the solution was required to automatically enforce the delegations.

Auditable Approvals and Controls achieved through Automation and Visibility

Through the deployment of DirigerEPA a scalable, cloud hosted, integrated system of record for the core business entities of Employees, their incumbent Positions, Position Hierarchies and the Access and Authority was mobilised. The organisation had clearly defined delegations in their policies and procedures, and the successful implementation of DirigerEPA was highly dependent on these management instruments. 

It is important to note that the Customer treated this as a non-HR master process aimed at supporting the many operational business functions; and very important in situations where operational and HR-Payroll systems operate independently.

What Benefits were achieved

One of the standout successes of the project was the smooth implementation of the solution within the large organisation in a short timeframe. Through working very closely with the customer project team, the Diriger team was able to meet and exceed the customer’s requirements on time and budget and with a high level of quality.

DirigerEPA was deployed for management of Delegations of Financial Authority with appropriate business rules, workflows, audit and review capability for the following benefits

Other benefits include the visibility and accessibility to authorities and related documentation, reduced risk of partiality, bribery or other corruption, and supporting the delineation and segregation of duties.

The customer has acknowledged the improved controls and efficiencies through the automation capability which has contributed to the lowering of financial risk across the organisation.