Getting positive Return on Investment Outcomes for Enterprise Resource Planning Transformations Greg L Towne

Research and Experience

Even though ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planning systems) are a fundamental asset for large companies; ERP transformations remain fraught with failure.

A recent McKinsey paper says three-quarters of all ERP Transformations fail to stay on schedule or within budget, and two-thirds have a negative ROI (Return On Investment).

They state five primary reasons (and challenges) associated with these failures 


ERP Transformations can drag on for years with NO measurable impact or capability to make valid assessments.

Couple this outcome with

And your ERP Transformation is heading into a death spiral.

Diriger’s approach and solutions to quick Return On Investment

Three basic principles to encompass the Next Generation ERP Transformation

Diriger’s approach has been tested over the past two decades and meets this challenge by understanding our Customer’s business environment; staying abreast of industry and regulatory influences; engaging and working with the Customer’s scarce resources and helping them on their journey; identifying where Quick Wins can be gained and how to ‘Extend’ business utility in a manageable manner over time; and provide technology and support that allows the Customer to focus on their core business.

Diriger’s Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Process Improvement Methodology

Following many years of developing, implementing and improving ERP environments across major Asset Intensive industries in various corners of the globe, we have been able to mould an ERP implementation and business improvement methodology (DirigerBPI) that produces results time and time again.

The DirigerBPI Methodology is built on Four Pillars that comprise the standard PDCA-Cycle (Plan Do Check Act)

About the Author...

Greg Towne is a Co-Founder of Diriger with 35+ years of experience implementing Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and Business Process Improvement Initiatives in Mining, Utilities, Energy and Defence industries.  He is dedicated to working closely with our Customer’s in order to help them solve the BIG problems that have been in play for far too many years.