Category: Asset Management

Date: 10/11/2023

Subject: Make sure you have the correct insights from all your organisation’s asset data as it becomes more and more critical in this Industry 4.0 world. You can do this by building your data foundation correctly, right down to the device level, deploy via an interoperability HUB, and monitor and control it’s consistency right up to your dashboards and the Board Room.

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: The key approach for consistent IT/OT convergence is to build a great operating philosophy via the ODBOK Ecosystem’s Governance Methodology and support it by DirigerHUB, our Unified Enterprise Interoperability Platform.

The suggested steps are……….

➡️ Define an Operating Philosophy & Goals: Clearly articulate the rationale and objectives for integrating IT and OT systems that will align with the organisation's overall strategy and goals.

➡️ Assess the Current IT/OT Environment: Conduct a thorough evaluation of the existing IT and OT systems (including a data audit) to identify gaps, strengths, and areas for improvement.

➡️ Define an Integrated & Interoperable Architecture: Develop a comprehensive integrated architecture that outlines the technical requirements and defines the data and communication protocols to be used. Avoid discrete Point-to-Point integration where possible as this increases technical debt.

➡️ Foster Collaboration for a Unified Namespace (UNS): Foster a culture of collaboration and communication between the Business, IT and OT teams to ensure a shared understanding of the integrated goals and objectives is clearly developed and agreed. 

➡️ Implement Security Measures: Ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to protect sensitive information and prevent cyber attacks.

➡️ Develop an Operational Roadmap: Develop a roadmap that outlines the phased implementation of the integration and interoperability, taking into account technical, operational, financial, and change management considerations.

➡️ Monitoring and Review: Continuously monitor and review the integration to ensure that it is meeting the desired outcomes and make any necessary changes to ensure its continued success.

➡️ Foster Continuous Improvement: Business is becoming more and more dynamic, therefore foster a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging the Business, IT and OT teams to identify and implement opportunities for enhancing the new integrated state.

The ODBOK MDM Ecosystem is continuously improving…….

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