Category: Business Transformation

Date: 01/11/2022

Subject: Use Diriger’s AI/ML Based Process Automation to build a bridge between your Enterprise’s functional business silos and reduce Technical Debt.

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Silos happen - Enterprise functional business units have their own needs, their own metrics, and their own means of activity-based data capture whilst still having to remain aligned to enterprise strategies, objectives and overarching metrics. Decades of ERP and complex point-to-point integration to Best-of-Breed solutions has only been able to partially improve this situation at a huge cost and high Technical Debt.

And now, senior executives are requesting a better way with new, better business models that are flexible, provide improved business models, don’t need monolithic implementation projects and have a quick time to value, will reduce technical debt instead of increasing it, and make better use of scarce resource situations.

We don’t need to just think outside the box; this calls for a new or better box. Approaches previously used to manage this cost of change no longer apply; focusing on plugging new technology into old business models in the hope of enhancing those models with smarter tools and more data isn’t enough — not when technologies are enabling all-new models that can render the old ones obsolete.

Talk to Diriger now; and find out how we work ‘with you’ to make best use of this new technology.