Category: Business Transformation

Date: 16/11/2022

Subject: How to Get the RIGHT type of Business Consultant to help you solve your Asset related Business Problems!!

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: How do you solve the problems that relate to Asset Management decisions born out of everyday business dynamics salient to your EAM/ERP/Operational and supporting systems?

➡️ Problem Scope: Would you normally buy a car without assessing the ‘purpose of use’ and whether it’s ‘specifications & support’ meet your transport requirements. No, you would scope out exactly what you want - the same goes for mapping out the scope of the problem that needs solving.

➡️ Problem Solvers: Do you immediately reach out to ‘real’ asset-based business consultants and solution providers or do you body-shop ERP system configurers who only understand the ERP activities and not ‘Enterprise’ level problems and solutions.

➡️ Problem Size & Complexity: Do you feel the problem could be larger than the ERP component that you see within your Business Unit and your folk are focused on the symptoms and not the cause, eg. the problem could be related to multi-silo business processes and not just the activity, feature, function or data from within your own business unit.

➡️ Data Source & Data Quality: Are you trying to work out where and how to add extra (critical) data to your ERP when you know it’s source may be compromised due to time lags or source system configuration, eg. you are forced to get time critical data via a data lake or other intermediate storage.

➡️ Integration: Does your IT Group say that they can solve your problem just by moving data from one place to another or by reaching into their data swamp and forgetting all about interoperable business rules, workflows, work methods, timing, data standards across disparate systems, etc. This will soon lead to expensive disasters and lengthy projects to repair / solve the problem.

➡️ Business Dynamics: Empirically, your ERP tells you everything that happened yesterday; not what is happening right now or next week. Timing is everything; you may require a high-level business expert who covers the whole business process and not just the ERP element.

💡 The answer to most of these situations lies within the application, support, and knowledge across all of your enterprise business systems and not just your ERP’s limited vendor support.

💡 If you want to get EAM/ERP and operational problems solved effectively and efficiently; be they Asset Management, Finance, Supply Chain, OT, or systems interoperability; then come to Diriger first….

✅ “We deliver to a Scope of Work; we do NOT Body-Shop our people or our expertise without fully understanding you and the scope of your business problem”

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