Category: Business Transformation

Date: 31/01/2023

Subject: Does your Enterprise ‘Struggle to transition’ up your perceived Maturity & Capability Model ?

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Are your Industry 4.0 IT/OT Convergence and technology initiatives failing to meet expectations due to Change Inadvertence ?

Do your projects struggle with outdated Governance, Regulatory Compliance, Risk and Reputation Issues ?

Are project benefits not clearly articulated or achievable, and the required capabilities not transitioned through to business post project ?

Do you find the project’s metrics are impacted by ‘Dirty Inconsistent Data’ which in turn decreases confidence across the business ?

Are your key resources sucked into a vortex of reactionary corrective action around sub-optimal processes ?

✅ If so, then Diriger and our industry specialist Ecosystem Partners (see, provide an Advisory and Consulting Practice that helps better define, manage, execute and sustain improvement in your Business Process Maturity Capability initiatives.

Our services comprises …… 

➡️ Industry thought leadership 

➡️ Project and Domain expertise

➡️ Technology evangelists 

➡️ Organisation change management facilitators

Across Industry 4.0 capability and outcomes covering ….. 

➡️ Unified Enterprise Platforms including ERP / EAM / BoB solutions

➡️ Unified Operation Centres including iROCs, SCADA, Historians, etc.

➡️ Asset Management and Ontologies

➡️ Supply Chain Management and Logistics

➡️ Finance & Supporting Process Management

➡️ Master Data Management and Management of Change

➡️ ’Systems of Systems’ interoperability platforms

➡️ Drawing and document management

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