Category: Business Transformation

Date: 22/02/2023

Subject: If your asset intensive organisation has hit ‘Struggle Street’ during your IT/OT Convergence; experience tells us that you may have to re-visit your Project’s Governance, Design, Architecture and Standards Footprint to ensure that you have adequate alignment with your Operating Philosophy and Business Strategies.

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: And you know what Oscar Wilde said about experience……

"Experience is the hardest kind of teacher; it gives you the test first and the lesson afterward."

Diriger is a member of the ODBOK Collaborative Ecosystem and we can help put that experience to work for you…. The Ecosystem provides the methodology, experiences, tools and where-with-all to make IT/OT integration a success, regardless of the size and complexity of your situation.

The Methodology sets the initial defined standards that form the foundation for continuous improvement in data quality, effective processes, operational feedback and salient corrective actions.

The key components of the Methodology are …..

➡️ Govern: Develop and maintain your system and site agnostic references e.g., Attributes, measures, UoM, classifications, functional locations, standards, formulas, and aggregations.

➡️ Design: Develop and maintain your system and site agnostic template catalogues e.g., Asset templates, Hierarchy templates and composite templates.

➡️ Build: Develop and maintain your site and system specific implementations and changes as change packages.

➡️ Deploy: Orchestrate the deployment of your changes in concert with the other associated works being done.

➡️ Monitor: Monitor the changes that are deployed or implemented directly. Capture data from the system for input into the quality and health statistics.

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