Category: Business Transformation

Date: 01/03/2023

Subject: Because you need the right Data, Information and Knowledge aligned with your Operating Philosophy right now !!

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: It’s not unusual for digital transformation initiatives to end up sub-optimal and not aligned with your Operating Philosophy - in fact, this is dangerously becoming the norm. Poorly defined and inconsistent performance metrics and poor or misaligned data quality coupled to siloed processes, misdirected or misunderstood business objectives, timing incompatibilities, and variations in current systems (eg. age & tech), all lead to potential failure.

There is now capability for Unified Operational outcomes from IT/OT integration through the combination and interoperability of IT systems (which manage data and information), and OT systems (which manage physical processes). An optimised outcome can be designed to create a seamless and integrated technology environment that are not just visionary, but fully aligns with your Operational Philosophy.

Diriger and the ODBOK Collaborative Ecosystem combined with the following characteristics and capabilities are fully aligned with unified operational outcomes …..

➡️ Business Alignment: Interoperability of systems, policies, processes, procedures, work practices, skills, knowledge, and data fully aligned and balanced with the businesses’ end-to-end Operating Philosophy.

➡️ Improved efficiency: Integration of IT and OT systems results in improved efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors via automation coupled to AI / ML principles as directed by your business objectives.

➡️ Real-time data access: Integration enables real-time access to consistent data from both IT and OT systems, allowing for far greater process ownership and hence, better decision-making and User confidence.

➡️ Increased visibility: Integration provides a complete cross-silo view of operations, including both physical processes and data, improving visibility (monitoring) and control.

➡️ Predictive analytics: Integrated IT and OT systems enable predictive analytics by combining data from both system environments to identify potential issues way before they occur.

➡️ Secure Data Fabric: Integration enhances security by providing a unified security architecture that protects both IT and OT systems at a greatly reduced level of technical debt.

➡️ Improved operational flexibility and scalability: Integration of IT and OT systems enables organisations to respond quickly to changing business conditions, opportunities and challenges.

➡️ Increased productivity: Reducing manual processes, streamlining workflows, standardising business rules, and automating repetitive tasks whilst maintaining focus on objectives and key result metrics.

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