Category: Business Transformation

Date: 11/05/2023

Subject: Has your Enterprise Digital Transformation strategy and efforts hit a road block, mounting costs, reduced flexibility, hard to acquire capability, master data vulnerability, or has it just plain failed like 80% of others.

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Digital Transformations invariably take time, impact production, and have greater than expected impacts on BAU activity - in other words, your ROI just disappeared over the horizon like a thief in the night…. Or was that just your SI who convinced you to go ‘Big Bang - Big Cost’ and implement with a multitude of inexperienced staff and knowledge.

It’s time to consider….

➡️ A platform that allows Progressive and Controlled approaches to transformations

➡️ Master Data Governance methodologies

➡️ Modelling, Simulation and Performance Management

➡️ Change Management and minimised BAU Impacts

➡️ Business and Technology Consultants who ‘Work With’ and transfer skills & knowledge to your teams

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