Category: Technology

Date: 18/07/2022

Subject: DirigerHUB Systems-of-Systems Interoperable and Composability Platform

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: When it’s time to update and change, how much better is it to be able to focus on your Customers and Core Business Outcomes??

We understand integration isn’t your core business, so we think DirigerHUB should be a key tool in your connectivity/interoperability arsenal >> to allow your business to focus on real customer outcomes.

➡️ Wouldn’t it be nice for the business to decide how business continuity was maintained during a transition??

Instead of getting “wrapped around the axels” as to the standard IT approaches for a transition; why not have the best approach that fits with your business needs - this can be either a Step-wise approach or you can easily go big-bang and shoot straight for a managed ‘Sunny Day’ objective or a combination of both. You can do this by using Diriger’s AI/ML, Data Validation, Business Rules and Work Flow Engines, etc. in our System-of-Systems platform - let it do all the heavy lifting whilst maintaining full business governance over process and data.

➡️ Wouldn’t it be even better if we could re-use processes and capabilities already in place??

With DirigerHUB Systems-of-Systems Interoperable and Composability Platform, a full 70 to 80% of processes and capabilities are re-usable within most organisations. Capability like Delegations, Work Flows, and Business Rules apply across all Enterprise Environmental Factors.

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