Category: Technology

Date: 09/08/2022

Subject: Are Bespoke Applications to resolve ‘Business Solution Gaps’ chewing through your budget and increasing Technical Debt?

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Up to 80% of an organisation’s IT Budget is consumed in just keeping the “Lights On”....

There has to be a better way!!

It’s time to make use of Diriger’s RAPAR Architectures, Technologies and Composable Thinking so that all your Processes, Activities and Tasks are Replay-able, Atomic, Packable, Automated, and Reusable, and you have ‘No More Gaps’, increased resilience, and flexibility in your enterprise level business solutions. All Diriger applications are built on our Enterprise experience and expertise so that what we provide our Customers the best solutions at a lower development cost and at lower technical debt.

Our DirigerHUB Interoperability and Development Platform ensures data is actionable from any system anywhere; all within a secure data fabric.

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