Category: Technology

Date: 14/09/2022

Subject: Use Diriger’s RAPAR Technologies to Develop Bespoke Composable Multi-System Applications

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: You can now build Realtime or near Realtime composable applications to reduce...

➡️ Your Development Costs - DirigerHUB manages all the ‘Extras’ such as audit trails, security, error recycle, storage requirements, business rules, workflows, data validation, and function libraries so that you build applications in a similar manner to building a Lego model; making sure that all your bespoke applications behave in the same manner and built of similar parts.

➡️ Your Technical Debt - DirigerHUB composable applications built on a standards-based platform will greatly reduce your technical debt through vastly reduced maintenance and the costs generally associated with the dynamics of business where frequent changes and flexible is required. DirigerHUB also uses OIIE standard APIs that require minimal configuration when working with your standard business processes.

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