Category: Technology

Date: 05/10/2022

Subject: How to build systems interoperability without dipping your toe in a cold lake or snow field!!

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Does your enterprise need to be able to securely connect multiple locations and multiple data sources and types with key methods for accessing that data from corporate systems of record such as your ERP, SCM, GIS, SCADA systems and edge devices. And no doubt, your strategy may entail doing this without too much disruption or replacement of those existing systems, eg. you need a low risk approach that can reliably unify and access your data anywhere any time.

Deploying a Secure Data Fabric provides you with a low-risk approach to unlocking your data architecture, enabling data democratisation, being able to deploy industry standard interoperability capability at scale via a framework such as the OIIE, and achieve a faster time to value.

A ‘Data Fabric’ is a very advanced solution that is relied on by Enterprises that want to improve their existing data processes whilst maintaining robust data governance policies around data management unification.

To understand more about System of Systems technology, Secure Data Fabrics and some of the integration issues you could potentially have, see one of the Diriger Insights at: How to reduce the Risks of Enterprise Integration Failure