Category: Technology

Date: 09/11/2022

Subject: These are the questions every Manager and Staff member asks daily/hourly

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: I wish there was an ‘Enterprise Super Tool’ that’s a 1-Stop GoTo Assistant for when you or your staff need to get something done Right Now!!

➡️ I wish there was an ‘Enterprise Super Tool’ that’s a 1-Stop GoTo Assistant for when you or your staff need to get something done Right Now!!

➡️ Why do we have to use multiple systems and clunky bespoke apps or manual processes and forms that chew up large chunks of my day?

➡️ Why is there confusion or problems remembering the new procedures or protocols around that annoying piece of admin?

➡️ We are not sure who can sign off on the particular request or initiative?

➡️ We are concerned about data security with regard personal information?

➡️ Why do we need to struggle to obtain the current state of a critical transaction plus we need notifications or data access that is too complex and slow?

How good would it be to have ONE system that takes care of our needs and demands:

➡️ that is both intelligent, intuitive and easy to configure and support

➡️ that is very easy to use and operates within a secure data fabric

➡️ knows who you are and what you are working on, and keeps track of your business transactions and projects as and when you require updates

➡️ has all your corporate policies, procedures, protocols and approval workflows built in via simple configurations

➡️ is available on any device anywhere, for all your enterprise level administrative tasks.

💡 There is always a better way!!

Diriger’s solutions and tools do all this and more across the following example capabilities:

Asset Management:

Work requests, work orders, costing validation, Inspections and defects, parts cataloguing and availability, mobile access (yours or ours), new assets and Management of Change workflows/updates, capital project forecast updates and change requests, etc.


Purchase Request for goods, services, or contract draw-downs, approvals per DoA’s, check Supplier’s parts or service availability, derive or allocate assignments.

Situational R.A.I.D Management:

Record and document all enterprise risks, issues / incidents, subsequent actions, decisions, and escalations for all salient situations anywhere, at any time, on any device, e.g. configurable ESG / Safety incidents, events and metrics.

Administrative Tasks:

Travel, leave, and training requests, expense reimbursement, status checks, any other prescribed HR requests are configurable with workflows and business rules, e.g. new starters, etc.