Category: Technology

Date: 20/03/2023

Subject: Because you need an eInvoicing solution with Peppol and ATO accreditation in Australia, Diriger has added the Peppol global standard, processing capability, and business expertise to our Invoice Automation Solution.

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: You can now………

➡️ Connect your ERP or Finance Systems via our EASY API and OIIE standard connectivity

➡️ Easily cover the increased invoice transaction volumes brought about by Government actions to reduce Supplier payment periods

➡️ Set up your business rules, workflows and validations for hands-free auto-processing

➡️ Extend capabilities and visualise status in real-time

➡️ Keep track of all related documents for audit-ability and payment obligation compliance, and

➡️ Have trust that the right people with the right expertise will be on hand to assist you on this journey to new invoicing capability and renewed productivity.

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