Category: Technology

Date: 26/04/2023

Subject: Do your Users still complain about too many Applications with different interfaces that are confusing ??

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Or have they simply STOPPED using them and use ‘Work-arounds’ and other Time Wasters.

A BETTER SOLUTION - Use Diriger’s Demand Management Automation and have a Common UI/UX for all Admin Activities.

➡️ Secure and validated data fabric with single Approval Process

➡️ Reduced time wasted on phone calls and transcription mistakes 

➡️ Greater visibility of direct purchases & reduction in P-Card usage 

➡️ Visible travel and expense commitments 

➡️ Standardised delegations of authority and business rules 

➡️ Multi-use work flows for notifications and approvals 

➡️ Audit trail on all transactions and approvals 

➡️ Interoperability with any Enterprise and Best-of-Breed systems 

➡️ Technical Debt is greatly reduced as all business processes are reusable

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