Category: Asset Management

Date: 29/07/2022

Subject: Data Collection for Asset Condition made Simpler, Faster, more Accurate, and Repeatable

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Using ‘condition based’ data to drive responsive components of your CBM Strategy can be time consuming and troublesome, but now there are better ways to do CBM with ‘No more Gaps’ in your solution.

Deploying DirigerHUB and its Composable UI/UX, built-in AI / ML, Repeatable Business Rules and Work Flow Engines, not only makes processing and acting on your data much easier, it also provides a mechanism that helps improve your data quality and data governance day after day after day.

Here are some steps to get to better CBM outcomes……

➡️ Clarify your data sources are adequate and fit for purpose, eg. giving you the right information in a timely manner

➡️ Determine your business rules as to how you wish to use the data; ensuring the rules are aligned with your Asset Maintenance Strategy

➡️ Align your business rules to ensure that your data validation, corrective action interventions and approval processes are meaningful and defined; especially threshold and ceiling metrics and how you will handle data outliers

➡️ Decide how much automation you wish to deploy; or conversely, how much intervention you wish to add to the business processes

➡️ Determine the best roll-out approach that suits your more immediate needs

➡️ Align and Configure DirigerHUB processes with your ERP/EAM/CMMS configurations and articulate or promote a Governance Regimen with key Stakeholders

➡️ Establish your Change Management regime

➡️ Roll-out and Adopt so that the exceptions and improvements need to be appropriately managed with minimal manual intervention

Check out the model below or read more about DirigerHUB