Category: Business Transformation

Date: 19/08/2022

Subject: "Critical" to adopt eInvoicing: Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission estimates Australians lost $2 billion to scams in 2021, with $128 million in funds diverted through business email compromise scams alone.

“Think of it as insurance”: As business scams mount, Financial Services Minister Stephen Jones says it’s time to adopt eInvoicing.

eInvoicing is a secure digital system connecting business-to-business transactions through their accounting software, eliminating the need for physical invoices, PDF scans, or emailed forms.

Unlike invoices sent by email, which can fall victim to redirection through human error or deliberate tampering, the eInvoicing system allows businesses to transfer funds between validated ABNs.

“There’s a pre-approval process so that invoicers’ and invoicees’ business to business communications is done securely,” Jones said, so businesses “can know confidently that money they’re sending has gotten to the person to whom it’s owed”.

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