Category: Business Transformation

Date: 26/10/2022

Subject: Do you find getting any sort of ROI on your Digital Transformation initiatives akin to searching for treasure on a deserted island?

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: In most cases, you are not Robinson Crusoe!!

By the time you have travelled one-third of the way through a large transformation and integration journey, it feels like “in the blink of an eye” you have encountered various plagues, attacks by Stakeholders Influencers, punctured tyres and flat batteries, Dr No in the Functional Departments, unforeseen risks, and those pesky competitive hordes from the next island - is it no wonder that your functional departments are starting to put up their defensive and siloed barriers in order to protect their people, their existing activity-based approaches, their KPI’s, and their sacred cows.

Just when you thought it was safe to explore new or revised business and technological capability by making use of process-based automation, AI and ML; both the dynamics and the anchors of business landed on that same deserted island.

Perhaps you should turn to experienced explorers, dedicated leaders with their maps and methodologies, and new technologies that can help charter the journey to Value ‘with you’……

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