Category: Business Transformation

Date: 14/09/2023

Subject: Happy System Users with ‘Easy to access’ systems capability provide very productive business outcomes day-in and day-out !!!

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Make it easy for your Users to manage all their Business Demand requirements with a single easy to use ‘Anticipative & Automated’ User interface that’s available on any device anywhere, eg. Where the user is at the time of need.

Enterprises tend to spend a lot of money implementing and maintaining their large ERP systems that are made up of ‘complex, cumbersome, siloed, feature / function or activity / task’ interfaces that people mainly use for just a handful of reasons each day, eg.  for purchasing and warehouse requisitions, parts availability, work request or work orders, expense claims, transaction approvals, and various other mundane and repetitive administrative tasks that need to operate under a single Delegations of Authority capability.

Stats show that more than 80% of your ERP users have these mundane tasks inflicted on them during their normal job…..  Well, we can further help their day’s productivity and effectiveness through customising our ‘User Designed' UI/UX to the User’s needs or for improved adoption and buy-in.

How productive would your organisation be if you reduced this administrative burden by more than 50%.

For more information on Diriger’s Demand Automation, check out the overview at DirigerDMA