Category: Supply Chain Management

Date: 22/11/2022

Subject: Is the Productivity Wall standing in the way of improving your Enterprise Procure-to-Pay (P2P) capability?

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: It’s a dynamic business problem for large Enterprises!!...

Diriger addresses current industry impacts and challenges for P2P at an Enterprise level - these impacts require organisations to do more with less due to ..…..

➡️ New Government & Industry pressures to reduce payment cycles - causing 3-4 times the volume of incoming documents and invoices per month

➡️ Increases in outsourced services has created more related documentation to be classified and stored - coupled with late payment penalties and fees for not meeting contractual obligations

➡️ ATO Supported e-Invoicing via the Peppol framework for secure cross-border payment exchange

➡️ Supply Chain issues mean Suppliers of critical items are negotiating to protect their cash flows and hedging costs

➡️ Archaic and complex RPA initiatives are adding security issues and extra burden to error recycle processes

➡️ CFO’s are required to impose stricter controls through their Delegations of Authority for OPEX and CAPEX, and audit requirements, whilst still working to reduce transaction costs and covering new supply chain burdens and working capital impacts.

💡All of the above was dramatically changed when Diriger built our Supply Chain Automation capability with AI/ML, Business Rules and Workflow Engines, e-Invoicing, Supplier Portals, and incoming document management - you can now do more with less and improve your financial controls at the same time.

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