Category: Supply Chain Management

Date: 12/04/2023

Subject: Use Diriger’s Warehouse automation to benefit your overall Supply Chain Management and Controls.

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Hear what some of the users have to say ………

➡️ Field Users: The interface is very easy to use - Process Simplification & Automation designed with the infrequent in mind

➡️ Warehouse Staff: The Agile stock-takes make our life and controls much simpler

➡️ All Users: We only have to deal with relevant information that is relevant to us

➡️ Supply Chain Customers: The interface speaks in our terms and makes our maintenance jobs less cumbersome

➡️ Remote Users: The Self-service kiosk in remote or User Stores improves controls and after-hours access.

And just a ‘By-the-way’; the Finance and Maintenance Folk like that the automation consistent business rules helps reduce Working Capital without impacting the availability of parts.

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