Category: Technology

Date: 20/07/2022

Subject: How challenging is your Enterprise Invoice Processing and Payments capability?

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: To this day, Invoice Payment Processing has always been challenged and suffered from ....

➡️ Large volumes of incoming documents and not knowing what they relate too

➡️ Confusion about the source and/or the invoice and related document content

➡️ Missing data or no contract or completion certification or purchasing references

➡️ Duplicate documents and recurring mistakes

➡️ Misplaced or unknown authorisations and approvals between functional silos

➡️ Mismatches in pricing and terms

➡️ Late payment penalties and fees coupled with meeting contractual obligations

➡️ Increased processing costs associated with the dynamics of business

➡️ Payment systems that need processing one item at a time

➡️ Archaic and complex RPA initiatives that add extra burden to error recycles

➡️ Too much manual intervention and very little to no real-time status reporting capability

➡️ Too difficult to maintain compliance, eg. Peppol, which is mandatory in Australia for Federal Government Departments as of 1 July 2022

All of the above was dramatically changed when we at Diriger built our Invoice Processing Automation capability with our Business rules and Work Flow Engines - you can now do more with less and improve your financial controls at the same time.

To learn more about Diriger’s Peppol enabled AI & ML based Invoice Processing for large volume situations, read our DirigerIPA brochure or contact Diriger today.

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