Category: Technology

Date: 12/12/2023

Subject: Can you imagine how much more productive Santa’s Toy Production Factory and Distribution would be if he used some of the DirigerHUB platform’s capability; albeit, he does have some ‘magic’ on his side.…..

Audience: LinkedIn


➡️ Centralised enterprise interoperability

➡️ Enterprise Unified Namespace

➡️ System-of-Systems Management of Change 

➡️ Business Rule & workflow engines

➡️ API Manager for OIIE, OPC-UA, MQTT standards

➡️ AI/ML data validation & error recycle

➡️ Secure data fabric in multi-tenant cloud infrastructure

➡️ Progressive Web App composable UI/UX

➡️ Delegations of Authority & Approvals Manager

➡️ Multiple Asset Hierarchies (ISA-95, ISO 14224, Nuanced)

➡️ Multi-system data Synchronized and / or Synthesized

➡️ Scalable cloud data storage

➡️ Messaging infrastructure optimisation

➡️ Multi-system alerts and notifications

For more information, see: DirigerHUB