Category: Business Transformation

Date: 23/06/2022

Subject: Data silos are inevitable - we have an answer for them and how to bring real-time data into play

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: Silos happen - Enterprise business units have their own needs, their own metrics, and their own means of data capture whilst still having to remain aligned to enterprise objectives and metrics. This especially becomes difficult as IT Departments and Service Providers struggle to keep the lights on and costs down.

Add even more pressure for new systems and new projects as business dynamics continue to change > results in even more siloed and hard to extract data required for real-time operations.

Approaches previously used to contain this cost of change no longer apply; focusing on plugging new technology into old business models with the hope of enhancing those models with smarter tools and more data in the hope of making old models work better isn’t enough — not when technologies are enabling all-new models that can render the old ones obsolete.

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