Category: Technology

Date: 30/06/2022

Subject: Case Study: Large Australian Power Distributor

Audience: LinkedIn

Topic: When a global Enterprise Software Vendor and their global Enterprise Systems Integrator came to us to solve a BIG CUSTOMER PROBLEM that related to a multi-modal real-time integration challenge; we didn’t blink once, we rolled our selves up, and delivered.

The solution in its current state was complex, politically visible, yet the Customer required more capability so as to meet corporate objectives.

Some key statistics:

➡️ 7 Million Assets

➡️ 2 Million Work Orders per year

➡️ 1.5 Million Inspections per year

➡️ ~100 Million data points processed per year

➡️ New capability: Defects & Pre-Post Photos

The project may have had a timeframe and risk profile that bordered on unrealistic, yet it demonstrated the versatility of DirigerHUB and the strength of our delivery model. Delivering integration projects for extended capability, whilst remaining on budget, on time, and providing successful low risk outcomes with the added advantage of lower down stream maintenance costs, is a habit we take pride in.

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